Medal Lecturers

The Society has three prestigious Medal Lectures and invites leading ophthalmologists from around the world to give these lectures.

Choyce Medal Lecture

1981 Mr D P Choyce
1983 Mr J L Pearce
1985 Professor K W Jacobi
1987 Dr R L Lindstrom
1989 Professor D Apple
1991 Professor M Blumenthal
1993 Professor T Neuhann
1995 Professor P Sourdille
1997 Professor G Baikoff
1999 Professor L Buratto
2001 Mr D Spalton
2003 Mr P I Condon
2005 Dr G Barrett
2007 Mr P Barry
2009 Mr S Daya
2011 Professor R Foster
2013 Burkhard Dick

Rayner Medal Lecture

1978 Professor M A Galin
1980 Mr N L Dallas
1982 Dr R C Drews
1984 Mr M J Roper-Hall
1986 Professor J G F Worst
1988 Professor J Marshall
1990 Dr C Huber, MD
1992 Dr G Waring
1994 Dr R Osher
1996 Dr H Fine
1998 Dr D Koch
2000 Professor D Apple
2002 Professor J Alio
2004 Dr M McDonald
2006 Dr S Arschinoff
2008 Dr J Guell
2010 Mr D F Chang
2012 Mr. R. Zaldivar
2014 Prof. H. Dua

Pearce Medal Lecture

2001 Dr J T Holladay
2003 Professor K W Jacobi
2005 Dr J Colin
2007 Professor Ray Applegate
2009 Dr A Glasser
2011 Mr C Peckar
2013 Prof. K. Meek


Lectures in Honour of 

2010 Neil Dallas given by Larry Benjamin
2012 Eric Arnott given by Richard Packard


Lifetime Achievement Awards

2013 Prof. D. Spalton
2013 Mr. Emanuel Rosen

2014 Prof. J Marshall