The UKISCRS awards were introduced in 2010 to recognise the efforts and contributions of past presidents, officers and directors of the society who up till then had not been acknowledged officially by the society. 

This 2013 Awards committee have further determined and defined the criteria for receiving an award.  


The criteria is therefore that Gold & Silver Awards are considered for past presidents, officers and directors who have made a significant contribution to the Society. The Silver awards are also considered for past Committee members and members of the Society who have made an on-going or long term exceptional contribution. 
The committee have shortlisted & invited five recipients for the 2013 years awards based on this criteria.

The inaugural awards ceremony was held on Sunday 23rd May in Liverpool, presided over by Tayo Akingbehin, President of UKISCRS.

The next Awards Ceremony will be held in Liverpool on Monday 20th May, following the Cornea & Cataract Day, and will be presided over by David O'Brart UKISCRS President.


Click here for inaugural ceremony in Liverpool

It is proposed that the awards after this year will be held every 3-5 years, allowing sufficient period for prospective award recipients to accumulate service for the appropriate level of award. The year of the next award ceremony is to be advised.









Award Recipients

Awards presented by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Councillor Mike Storey CBE

Mr Neil Dallas  
President 1976-1980
Mr Walter Rich
President 1986-1988
Mr Michael Roper-Hall
President 1988-1990
Mr Emanuel Rosen
Secretary 1984-1990
President 1990-1992
Director 1997-present
Mr Patrick Condon
President 1994-1996
Mr Jim Hunter 
Secretary 1990-1996
President 1996-1998
Mr John Roberts-Harry
Treasurer 1996-2002
Mr David Boase
President 1998-2000
Mr Clive Peckar  
Director 2002-present
Mr Paul Rosen
President 2004-2006
Mr David Spalton 
President 2006-2008
Special award recipient  
Mrs Diana Choyce
Spouse of late Mr Peter Choyce
President 1980-1982
PARIS 2010
Gold Award Recipient
Award presented by José Güell, President ESCRS
Mr David Allen
President 2002-2004
Gold Award Recipients
Mr Piers Percival
Treasurer 1976-1981
Secretary 1981-1984
President 1984-1986
Mr Stephen Haworth
Treasurer 1986-1992
President 1992-1994
Director 1997 - 2009


Deferred Award Recipient

Mr Hung Cheng
Treasurer 1981-1986
Mr William Haining
Treasurer 1992-1994
Deferred Special award Recipient  
Mrs Judith Pearce
Spouse of late Mr John Pearce
Secretary 1976-1981
President 1982-1984