2019 events

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2019 events

Cornea & Cataract Day
Monday 20th May
Hilton Grosvenor Glasgow...

Featuring: Invited speakers to present the following topics

Corneal Refractive Surgery Session Session Chair: Dan Reinstein & Saj Khan with YOP Andrew Swampillai
Welcome Philip Bloom
Keynote: Therapeutic refractive surgery Dan Reinstein
Keynote: Retinal considerations in refractive lens exchange Paulo Stanga
Debate: Presbyopia treatment in 50-60 year old patients with stable refraction and normal visual quality  Darshak Patel, Mohsin Patel, Niraj Mandal, Christopher Leak and Laura Maubon.
Presbyopic lens exchange (PRELEX) is best Charles Claoué
Corneal presbyopic treatment is best James Ball
Discussion Panel
Debate: Corneal refractive surgery for myopia Tim Yap, Camille Yvon, Andrew Swampillai, Nick Maycock  and Navpreet Dhillon
LASIK is my preferred treatment option Allon Barsam
SMILE is my preferred treatment option John Bolger
Discussion Panel
The Irregular Cornea - a regular encounter!' Session Chair: Sheraz Daya & Mayank Nanavaty with YOP Imran Yusuf
Dry eyes, anterior basement membrane dystrophy and cataract Bita Manzouri
Anterior corneal scarring, thinning and cataract Damian Lake 
Irregular Herpetic scarring, vascularised cornea and cataract David Lockington
Ectatic corneal disorders and cataract Harminder Dua 
Posttraumatic aniridia corneal scarring and cataract Allon Barsam 
Band keratopathy and cataract Sanjay Mantry
Radial keratotomy and cataract Sathish Srinivasan
Limbal stem cell deficiency and cataract Samer Hamada
On the spot' - experts shown a video scenario; what would they do next? Session Chairs: Larry Benjamin & David Spalton with YOP Kavita Aggarwal
Anterior capsule tear David Lockington
Posterior capsule tear Jonathan Ross
Zonular dehissence Melanie Corbett
Iris prolapse Matthew Edwards
Supra-choroidal haemorrhage David Teenan
Further discussion & questions Panel & audience
Cataract Brexit Session Chairs:  Philip Bloom & Will Dean 
with YOP Laura Maubon
The British conquer: going high volume Richard newsom (Invited)
Europeans divide: the other side of the pond Charles Claoué
What happens in the rest of the world? Will Dean
Discussion & questions Panel & audience
Summary & meeting close Philip Bloom - President


43rd Annual Congress
Weds 16-Fri 18 October
Jury's Inn Hinckley Island Hotel


Wednesday 16th October 2019
Young Ophthalmologists Training Programme
AM: Corneal Trauma Dry Lab
PM: Corneal Imaging for the Cataract Surgeon
Thursday 17th October 2019
YOP session: 
Parallels between the aviation Industry & Ophthalmology: Never events, situational awareness & safety procedures!
President’s Plenary Symposium
The Laser Refractive Session
The Pearce Medal Lecture
Professor Oliver Findl, Austria
Friday 18th October 2019
Expert Video Session
The Cataract Symposium
The Choyce Medal Lecture
Mr Julian Stevens, UK
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Jury’s Inn Hinckley Island Hotel
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