2020/2021 Events

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2020 / 2021 Events

UKISCRS are running a programme of webinars over the coming weeks in collaboration with our Industry Partners.
We are grateful to Thea Pharmaceuticals for supporting UKISCRS in subscribing to a professional webinar package to further increase professionalism and security.

Registration will open two weeks in advance for each webinar and you can register for the 7th May below:

Pt I
9th April 
The Front Line of Ophthalmology - Chaired by Prof. D. Spalton & Supported by BVI
23rd April 
Remote consulting and its challenges - Chaired by Mr. R Packard, Prof. P. Bloom & supported by B+L
7th May 
Finances in the NHS and Independent Practice in the new COVID era - Chaired by Mr. P. Rosen & Supported by Scope Ophthalmics 
21st May
PostCovid Planning (the tech) - Chaired by Prof. S. Srinivasan & Supported by B+L
Pt V
4th June
Perspectives with training and restarting Ophthalmology work- Chaired by Mr. D. Lockington & Supported by BVI
18th June
Switching to the "new Normal" Post Covid 19: European perspective in Ophthalmology - Chaired By Mr. Sanjay Mantry & Supported by Scope Ophthalmics

The Sixth UKISCRS Webinar: Thursday 18th June 2020: 6-7pm (via Zoom)

A conversation with Mr Sanjay Mantry

"Switching to the 'new normal' Post-Covid: The European perspective in Ophthalmology".

Speaker 1: Mr Arthur Cummings: Ireland
Speaker 2: Prof. Rudy Nuijts: Netherlands
Speaker 3: JP D'anjoux: Sunderland Eye Infirmary (NHS)
Speaker 4: Mr Bruce Allan: Moorfields Eye Hospital (Private)

The Fifth UKISCRS Webinar: Thursday 4th June 2020: 6-7pm (via Zoom)

A conversation with Mr David Lockington: Perspectives with training and restarting Ophthalmology work

Speaker 1: Perspectives and concerns from the redeployed trainees
Kerr Brogan - ST7, Glasgow (previous UKISCRS Founder’s medal winner)

Speaker 2: Perspectives from time away from Ophth due to maternity/research leave. Bita Manzouri - Consultant, Queen's Hospital, Romford

Speaker 3: Perspectives from time away from Ophth due to accident/illness
Steve Scotcher – Consultant, Hereford

Speaker 4: Training resources for Ophthalmic trainees (and consultants)
John Ferris - RCOphth Surgical skills Faculty Lead, Consultant, Cheltenham



The Fourth UKISCRS Webinar was a further success. 
Missed it - Watch it here Password 3I$+j3v%

A conversation with Professor Sathish Srinivasan: 'Post COVID planning: Role of TeleOphthalmology / TeleMedicine'

Tele Ophthalmology Pre COVID and during COVID 
Dr's. Iain Livingston and Gerry McGowan

Peter will be sharing the use of tele ophthalmology platform for primary care and secondary care experience in Moorfields. Mr. Peter Thomas

Keith will be speaking about telemedicine experience from the GP world. 
Dr. Keith Grimes

Ranya will be sharing her experience on the innovations in Tele Ophthalmology from an International perspective. Dr. Ranya Habash, MD.

The Third UKISCRS Webinar was a great success. 
Missed it? Watch it here (Password 9y&l2Z81)
Thursday 7th May 2020: 6-7pm (via Zoom)

Four conversations with Mr. Paul Rosen:  
Finances in the NHS and Independent Practice in the new COVID era – what it means for you…..

The NHS with Mr Colin Vize, a Divisional Director
Independent Practice with Mr. Milind Pande​​
Medical Indemnity with Mr. Keith Bates, Chairman of AOOSIS
Finance and the economy with Mr Andrew Nicoll, Columbia Threadneedle Asset Management


The Second UKISCRS Webinar was a great success. 
Missed it? Watch it here (Password: 5v#Yy0=3)

Thursday 23rd April 2020: 6-7pm (via Zoom)

Remote consulting and its challenges
Chaired by Mr. Richard Packard & Prof. Philip Bloom

Cataract and refractive surgery: Mr. Jonathan Ross

Glaucoma: Miss Laura Crawley

Oculoplastic: Mr. Ric Cesar

Neuro-ophthalmology and Squint: Ms. Srilakkshmi Sharma



The FIRST UKISCRS Webinar was a great success.
Missed it? Watch it here

Thursday 9th April 2020: 6-7pm (via Zoom)

Prof. David Spalton hosted the webinar: In Conversation with...
'The Front Line of Ophthalmology'

An ophthalmic trainee working on COVID ICU; 'A personal perspective' Dr Elizabeth Yang (ST4)

Managing emergency retinal services in a COVID world - Paul Rosen

Reconfiguring glaucoma services in a COVID world - Philip Bloom

Transplant & immunosuppression - Mayank Nanavaty

Perspective in Scotland - Sathish Srinivasan


The Cornea and Cataract Day 




The 44th UKISCRS Annual Meeting
Birmingham Park Regis Hotel

Saturday 14th November

This meeting will go ahead in line with government advice and COVID-19 retrictions. The proposed programme is below. 

  Cataract Session Larry Benjamin, Imran Yusuf & Kavita Aggarwal
  Debate Pro - Malyugin Ring Versus Hooks Larry Benjamin
  Debate Con Paul Ursell
  Q&A Vote  
  ISBS Pro David O'Brart
  ISBS Con Melanie Corbett
  Q&A Vote  
  Debate Pro - Femto Vs Phaco Allon Barsam
  Debate Con Alex Day
  Q&A Vote  
  Video Session Judged by: Philip Bloom, Mayank & Matthew Edwards
  5 innovative videos, slected and presented by our Young Ophthalmologists Winning Video received Free Registration to the UKISCRS annual meeting 
  Corneal Session Chaired by Bita Mansouri & Laura Maubon
  Ocular pemphigoid Valerie Saw
  Management of glaucoma in the presence of corneal disease Laura Crawley
  Allergic eye disease management and  implications for corneal surgery Bita Manzouri
  Endothelial keratoplasty Emma Hollick
  Management of anterior segment ocular emergencies Seema Verma
  Decision making for the Ocular Surface  David Lockington & Andrew Swampillai
  10 mins summary of concepts, 10 mins application through clinical cases  
  Imaging the ocular surface - Which and why? (topo and ASOCT) Sai Kolli 
  Sampling the ocular surface - Issues with tissues… Hardeep Mudhar
  Correcting the ocular surface – lesions and lasers Allon Barsam
  Saving the ocular surface - grafts, limbal stem cells and beyond Damian Lake


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